About Us

Our Vision and Goals

Our vision is to enhance the care of children and adolescents with cancer, through the clinical development of new therapies, tests and interventions to improve outcomes for children with the most aggressive cancers.

KOALA collaborates with international experts to facilitate the delivery of cutting edge medical treatment at hospitals around Australia and New Zealand.

Our People

Associate Professor David Ziegler


A/Prof Ziegler is a paediatric oncologist at the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. He treats children with all types of cancer and sub-specialises in childhood brain cancers, including malignant gliomas, DIPG and medulloblastomas. A/Prof Ziegler is the Group Leader of Targeted Therapies Program at Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.

A/Prof Ziegler’s primary research interest is novel targeted therapies for the most aggressive childhood cancers, with a goal of rapid translation from laboratory to clinic.

He has been instrumental in establishing KOALA to promote bench to bedside medicine and early phase paediatric oncology trials in Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Geoffrey McCowage


Dr McCowage is a paediatric oncologist at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, with clinical interests in neuro-oncology, and sarcomas of bone and soft tissue.

He is the Group Leader of the Cancer Gene Therapy Group at the Children’s Cancer Research Unit, and his key research interest is gene transfer with haematopoietic stem cells.

Dr McCowage has been pivotal in designing and initiating investigator-led early phase gene therapy trials. He is passionate about providing access to new and emerging gene and cell therapies for paediatric cancers.

Our Partners